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Economic Crisis Boosts E-Learning - Science Daily

The present world's economic woes are opening up new opportunities for innovative forms of education and training such as informal learning, e-learning and blended learning. Faced with shrinking budgets, the use of learning technologies is becoming increasingly attractive for businesses.

What Toyota knows that GM doesn't - edgehopper

Toyota has a special culture, deep-rooted values, and respect for their workforce. Toyota's tradition is to NOT lay off employees during hard times. This tradition hasn't really been put to the test until now. And Toyota has stuck to its guns and its values.

Call center 'soft skill' training pays off for Motorola - Search CRM

Since the training, the division has seen a 10% rise in customer satisfaction and a 56% improvement in resolution rates, according to surveys conducted before and after the training.

Generation Y biggest user of U.S. libraries - Computerworld

Internet users were more than twice as likely to patronize libraries as non-Internet users, according to the survey. Sixty-two percent of Gen Y respondents said they visited a public library in the past year.

Pew report examines early online adopters - Digital Perspective

Internet adopters see themselves more as co-creators instead of simply users. I tried to think of another technology revolution that could say the same, users as co-creators, and couldn't come up with one.

Internet helps bring workers up to speed - Daily News

According to the 2007 Pew Internet & American Life Project, 22% of adults who viewed video online watched educational or training programs - more than sports, politics or music.

Interactive Lectures... - BUDAKBAIK

From best summary to essence.

Interactive Lectures (part 2).... - BUDAKBAIK

From fictional case study to job aid.

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