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eLearning Learning Launched - eLearning Technology

eLearning Learning is a jump off point. The content comes from other places. Right now these are mostly posts from bloggers, but you will soon see other kinds of content appearing. The bottom line is that eLearning Learning is trying to help find and navigate the world of eLearning.

Training your way out of the recession - Times On Line

Britain's employers are being urged to "grow their own" after researchers at Cranfield School of Management discovered that investing in training not only saves money but is more effective than shopping around for talent.

With training budgets often the first to go in a recession, this research demonstrates that growing your own is an effective way for organisations to obtain the skills that they need while saving money.

How Widespread is Mobile Learning? - Kapp Notes

Two external reports point to only a few organizations actually implementing m-learning.

One is by the Masie Group and that study revealed that only 3%, or six of the 204 organizations surveyed were deploying mobile learning widely throughout the organization (although 21% did indicate that they have implemented it in some areas of their organization).

Another study by the eLearning Guild of survey of 940 of its members indicated that only 9% or 84 organizations had actually implemented m-learning.

Designing mobile eLearning courses - eLearning Slam

Before embarking on creation of a mobile accessible course you will want to understand how the learner's experience changes when they view your course through a mobile device. Mobile devices are typically used in a very distraction-filled environment. Via: Gary Woodill of Workplace Learning Today.

Blog>> There's Something About Failures - Green Chameleon

What really struck me was how frank those people were, in talking about what they would improve. It was tentamount to confessing that they hadn't quite done such a good job. This is remarkable because as career soldiers surely their performance bonus hinges on, well, their performance. Why were they so willing to broadcast their own failings, I wondered. As far as i could tell, it had to do with the person leading the AAR. As the head honcho, the commander set the tone for the session. Because this was a staging exercise for a larger one to be held the following year, he was emphatic about how important it was to surface mistakes so that we wouldn't repeat them the following year.

Managing The Generations - Forbes

There is a difference between Gen X and Y in terms of collaboration and independence. When I asked Gen Xers how often they wanted to interact with their boss, many said twice a week. I'm a boomer, I would've said twice a year! Ys would say twice an hour.

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