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Web 2.0 Learning - eLearning Technology

Software is being used to allow JetBlue faculty to share around broader topics that just improvements in learning & development such as sharing photos from family vacations, weddings and birthdays. This allows faculty to get to know each other socially in order to be more effective sharing and working together later. They also use the technique of posting provocative topics in order to engage people in discussions.

Dangerous Models - The Frontal Cortex

People love models, especially when they're big, complex and quantitative. Models make us feel safe. They take the uncertainty of the future and break it down into neat, bite-sized equations. But here's the problem with models, which is really a problem with the human mind. We become so focused on the predictions of the model -- be it the cod population, or the risk of mortgage derivatives -- that we stop questioning the basic assumptions of the model.

This directly ties in with a recent link I posted, False advertising statistics effective, in that our preference or judgement is often influcenced more by specifications or numbers, that what we actually perceive through our other senses.

Designing for the ISD Life-Cycle - as Measured by Return on Investment and Economic Value Add - The Pursuing Performance Blog

"Having it your way," for each ISD'er with their unique approach to ISD, keeps the barn door open and the horses running free. The engineering community addressed this decades ago and "closed the barn door" with CAD/CAM systems (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing). Additionally, standard parts inventories, design rules, and other tools and templates helped them speed design and ensure greater quality of those designs.

20 Education Technology Trends to Watch - Educational Technology by IQity

  • Online Learning Opportunities
  • Access to School Related Software Applications and Projects from any Computer in the School Network
  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Online Communication Tools: Global Social Networks

Can an Army General Whip NBA Refs into Shape? - Time

Interesting story on hiring "outside the Box:"

"Credibility in this position has nothing to do with my ability to be an expert referee. I believe that in my heart," says Johnson, "Throughout my Army career, I've been promoted and moved around a lot, and never had time to master one thing," says Johnson. "I've really focused on leading and managing on a strategic level. So I guess you can say I feel comfortable with a broad range of ignorance. But I'm a quick study."

LinkedIn Applications: Your Resume Just Got More Dynamic - New York Times

Up to this point, LinkedIn has remained focused but - apart from those invitations to connect - not especially social or dynamic. No matter what the economic conditions, people will always be looking for new jobs. If LinkedIn continues to add features and applications that facilitate that inevitable searching and hiring, they're sure to succeed. And this new application platform appears to be right in line with that focus.

Mourning Old Media's Decline - NY Times

At the recent American Magazine Conference, one of the speakers worried that if the great brands of journalism - the trusted news sources readers have relied on - were to vanish, then the Web itself would quickly become a "cesspool" of useless information. That kind of hand-wringing is a staple of industry gatherings.

But in this case, it wasn't an old journalism hack lamenting his industry. It was Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Google.


Dougist said...

I don't think that traditional old industry print brands are the answer to the "cesspool". I do think that there is a brand answer and wrote about it here....


Looking to the mainstream media brands as a model of fair and accurate reporting is like looking for a pacifist at a prizefight.


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