Knowledge and Learning In The News - 3/19/2006

An Interview with John Battelle - UC Berkeley School of Information
In a world where, thanks to search, information is freely available, the most valuable skill is to make sense of information - for yourself and for others. Companies that do that are refining information into knowledge, and people who are good at that - the architects and builders - will be in high demand.

An Excerpt from The New Argonauts Regional Advantage in a Global Economy - AnnaLee Saxenian Like the Greeks who sailed with Jason in search of the Golden Fleece, the new Argonauts--foreign-born, technically skilled entrepreneurs who travel back and forth between Silicon Valley and their home countries--seek their fortune in distant lands by launching companies far from established centers of skill and technology. Excerpt - PDF

Thoughts on Freakonomics - Malcolm Gladwell
A number of people have asked me what I think of the bestselling book "Freakonomics" written by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. On the front of the book, there is a glowing blurb by me which would suggest that I love it.

Electronic Portfolios: What Are They? - Robin Good
e-portfolios are gaining increasing media attention as potentially highly valuable learning, evaluation and assessment tools for educators, learners and academic organizations.

When big corporations enter the blog world - Dateline
Blogs, the very symbol of the Internet counter-culture have become just another tool of corporate marketing.

The dreaded pop quiz
Students who self-test frequently while studying on their own may be able to learn more, in much less time, than they might by simply studying the material over and over again

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