Knowledge and Learning In The News - 3/8/2006

March 8, 2006

VisualComplexity - Manuel Lima
A unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks. Readers of this blog will proably be most interested in the visualizations of knowledge networks.

Video Literacy - Michael Fieldstein
Take a look at this satirical rendition of how Microsoft would design the iPod box. And while you are watching it, imagine that it is a student-submitted video compare/contrast assignment.

Web 2.0: Mashups - IT Conversations (podcast)
Mashups are a good example of what some Internet insiders are calling "Web 2.0," a relatively undefined term that sort of means something like the Web serving as a platform with sites that take advantage of -- among other things -- user supplied content. The best place to find Mashups is at programmableweb.com which currently lists more than 450 mashups, 50 of which are classifies as "popular."

A reading list for aspiring knowledge workers - Corante
A bibliography of books for the knowledge worker.

How to be an expert - Passionate Users
For the superior performer the goal isn't just repeating the same thing again and again but achieving higher levels of control over every aspect of their performance. That's why they don't find practice boring. Each practice session they are working on doing something better than they did the last time.

eLearning Technology - Tony Karrer
Clarify a couple of aspects of eLearning 2.0, especially in terms of differences in terms of authoring.

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