Knowledge and Learning In The News - 3/11/2006

March 11, 2006

How to be an expert - Passionate
For the superior performer the goal isn't just repeating the same thing again and again but achieving higher levels of control over every aspect of their performance. That's why they don't find practice boring. Each practice session they are working on doing something better than they did the last time.

This is Your Brain on Poverty - Learning Circuits
When a brain is worried, it's just thinking about survival. It isn't interested in investing in new cells for the future.

The Learning Team - Herrmann-Nehdi
Heterogeneous groups are capable of significantly greater creative output than unbalanced or homogeneous groups. Four major creative approaches that you should be able to recognize among your workers are: 1) Those driven by purpose look at work from a "factual, rigorous, research, analytical, financial" perspective; 2) possibility-driven employees are "holistic, playful, intuitive, visionary, experimental;" 3) those attracted to process are "disciplined and organized and primarily interested in capturing, verifying and planning;" and 4) workers who are mainly drawn to the "people" aspect of any project tend to like the "interpersonal, aesthetic, spiritual, sensual and tactile."

Gaming for Education - Beverley Ferrell, EdD
A geat set of links that lead to a variety of game sites for the learning professional.

More on the USB drive as a mobile platform - Wordpress on a stick - blogoehlert
The USB drive is quickly becoming one of the more adaptable and powerful mobile learning platforms.

How To Create A RSS Feed From Any Web Page - ROBIN GOOD
Today, thanks to new "html scraping" services available to everyone, RSS feeds can be automatically generated for just about any web site, no matter what kind of layout, coding or language it is written in. In some situations, to create a standard RSS feed from any web page that does not have one may take less than a minute, while in other cases, where your needs for customization are higher, you may need to spend a little more time.

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