Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/27/2005

The Brain - An Orchestra without a Conductor - Max Planck People cannot really get into their heads just what goes on in their heads: billions of nerve cells work on their individual tasks in separate areas of the cerebral cortex with absolutely no coordinating supervision – and nevertheless convey coherent perceptions of the world as discerned by our senses. Tag: Lifelong-Learning Support by M-learning: Example Scenarios - eLearn Magazine It is often emphasized, that the main advantage of e-learning is independence of both location and time. However, in traditional e-learning the minimum requirement is still a personal computer (PC) - consequently an absolute independence in location is not provided. Tag: Are We Really Becoming Better Communicators? - CLO For years, managers and employees alike have gone to amazing ends to avoid certain controversial, touchy or possibly frightening conversations. For example, how do you tell a co-worker that he has persistent and noxious body odor? Tag: LCMS Market to Grow 30 Percent - LTi Bersin and Associates estimates the Learning Content Management Systems market at approximately $60 million in vendor revenues today, and predicts it will grow by 30 percent over the next year. Tag: Project Management Graphics (or Gantt Charts) - Edward Tufte A quite interesting thread that has been running for four years on excellent visual diagram for project management. Tags: The Day His World Stood Still - Brain Connection (editor's choice of past stories) When twenty-seven year old Henry M. entered the hospital in 1953 for radical brain surgery that was supposed to cure his epilepsy, he was hopeful that the procedure would change his life for the better. Instead, it trapped him in a mental time warp where TV is always a new invention and Truman is forever president.

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