Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/06/2005

Characteristics of Formal and Informal Learning Episodes - Learning Circuits Tough discovered that within each informal learning episode (where the primary motivation is to gain and retain certain knowledge and skill on a task or thing), the average learner interacts with an average of 10 people. Tag: The End Of Management? - Time You show up for work, boot up your computer and log onto your company's Intranet to make a few trades before getting down to work. You see how your stocks did the day before and then execute a few new orders. Tag: Leadership Lessons From Gettysburg - Training magazine Experiential training programs offer metaphors that are more interesting than the daily grind of work. But the measure of a metaphor is whether it provides a deeper understanding of that work. Tags: The Cult of iPod - Playlist One of the most remarkable things about the iPod is its almost universal appeal. It’s been embraced not just by West-coast urban techno-ravers, nor just teenagers in general. Everyone’s got one, from pious parish vicars to impious punk rockers. Tag:

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