Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/26/2005

Mash Up The News - Business Week If you've got a little technical flair, you can use the Post's RSS feeds to create new, noncommercial applications that let you remix the news. Tag: Nobody Really Cares About the Creative Class - Dave Pollard Nobody really cares about the creative class. They are underpaid, underemployed and underappreciated, and pretty well always have been, right back to the days when you if you were an artist or musician you needed a rich and titled sponsor underwriting your work if you didn't want to starve. Tags: and On Being Radical - Stephen Downes Opening keynote at the Saskatchewan Association for Computers in Education conference in Regina. Available online are PowerPoint slides and the MP3 audio of the talk. Tag: Engaging Learning - new book by Clark Quinn The goal now for training is to target and improve the key performance indicators of the organization. Tag: The Ideal Collaborative Team - Dave Pollard A recent survey conducted jointly by Mitch Ditkoff and Tim Moore of Idea Champions, Carolyn Allen of Innovation Solution Center and Dave Pollard of Meeting of Minds reveals that most people would rather have inexperienced people with a positive attitude than highly experienced people who lack enthusiasm, candor or commitment, on a collaborative work team. Tag: Peter F. Drucker - Forbes Drucker died of natural causes at his home in Claremont, east of Los Angeles. It was there last year, on the occasion of his 95th birthday, that Drucker spoke with Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard. In tribute to Drucker, we republish that interview, Peter Drucker on Leadership here. Tag: Ten Must-Read Tech Stories - Forbes Fascinating, weird and wacky stories on the Web this week.

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