Knowledge and Learning In The News - 4/30/2005

Change or Die All leadership comes down to this: changing people's behavior. Why is that so damn hard? Science offers some surprising new answers -- "Behavior change happens mostly by speaking to people's feelings." Knowledge services "What next?" After Y2K, dotcom and the BPO boom, the next big opportunity waiting to be tapped is knowledge services (KS) or knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). Innovation is important for its success and KS has created an opportunity to provide innovative offerings in the services space. Youth Abandoning Old Media A new US report reveals that less that a fifth of 18-34 year olds rank newspapers as their primary source of news, while 44% check out internet portals such as Google and Yahoo for updated information. Mentoring for Learning Impact Four effective types of mentoring programs offer a variety of experiences, from one-time to long-term events. When administered carefully, even a one-time event can change an employee’s perspective and create that "aha" experience. Dream teams thrive on mix of old and new blood Unsuccessful teams are isolated from each other whereas the members of successful teams are interconnected, much like the Kevin Bacon game, across a giant cluster of artists or scientists.

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