Knowledge and Learning In The News - 4/10/2005

April 10, 2005
Performance: Workforce needs polish, U.S. businesses declare As lawmakers and educators struggle to improve high schools in the U.S., businesses and labor unions say they are alarmed that even job seekers with a diploma can't function in the workplace. Knowledge: When it comes to information overload, two heads may not be better than one In an age of e-mails, databases and online catalogues, two heads may no longer be better than one, according to new ESRC-sponsored research into the effects of information overload. Knowledge: Making perceptual categories Experts learn not only how to classify items they have seen before, but they also learn a process that helps them classify new items within their field of expertise. Innovation: Apple's Blueprint for Genius Handling its own design work is one reason for best-sellers like the iPod and Shuffle. Steve Jobs is the other. The Workplace: Challenging the Venus and Mars theory Men and women may not be as different as previously thought when it comes to feeling emotion

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