Knowledge and Learning In The News - 4/23/2005

Tapping into the brains behind human behaviour Scientists' understanding of the brain will one day be so profound that the brains of serial killers and paedophiles could be "rewired" to stop them offending, according to a leading scientist. Best take(s) on Adobe-Macromedia deal Now that everyone has thrown in their two-cents, I thought I'd pull together some viewpoints on the Adobe-Macromedia acquisition . Creating Connections: A Pilot Study on an Online Community of Learners A pilot study that investigated the uses of computer-mediated communication. Results showed that the case studies helped the students make sense of the concepts and theories being studied in class, while communication with the teachers helped the students see the practical applications of the information they were learning. Infomania worse than marijuana The study by Hewlett Packard warns of a rise in "infomania", with people becoming addicted to email and text messages.

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