Knowledge and Learning In The News - 4/19/2005

ADL Releases Multiplayer Online Gaming Technical Report This report reviews relative online gaming research literature and proposes 15 primary experiments pertaining to massive multiplayer online gaming (MMOG), first popularized in the entertainment world and now finding growing interest in education and training environments. Why Wikipedia started working - Part 2 This is a good place to explain why Wikipedia actually got started and why it worked (and still does work, at least as well as it does). Learn Video Blogging Online Gabe McIntyre teaches vlogging to film students at the Utrecht college of arts. Now he teaches you how to videoblog online. Creative Archive Rip it. Mix it. Share it. It Was the '60s, Man Moore's article, buried on page 114 of the now-defunct magazine's April 19 issue, set the pace for the chip industry, which has become a significant driver of the global economy. Over time, the observation would be called "Moore's Law." It has set a guidepost for technologists around the world for four decades -- and counting.

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