PowerPoint, Learning, Networks, & Reading

How Cognitive Science Can Improve Your PowerPoint Presentations - io9
Harvard cognitive scientist Stephen M. Kosslyn, who studies how brains process images, wants to improve the world with his cutting-edge research by explaining that the four rules of PowerPoint are: The Goldilocks Rule, The Rudolph Rule, The Rule of Four, and the Birds of a Feather Rule.

Juggling eLearning vs Online Training - w/Mindshare
eLearning, online training, eperformance, performance support, courses, wikis, social networks, search, YouTube...the colors on a palette tend to run together, don't they? The real question is, "what's the picture like?"

Learning and Knowing in Networks: Changing roles for Educators and Designers - elearnspace
When knowledge is seen as existing in networks, and learning as forming and navigating these networks, many existing aspects of academia are subject to change.

Dawn of the digital natives - guardian.co.uk
If people are reading less, why haven't scores dropped more dramatically? The answer gets to the most significant sleight of hand of the NEA study: its studies are heavily biased towards words on a printed page.

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