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Designing E-Learning - University of Leicester
Gilly Salmon, Professor of E-Learning & Learning Technologies at the University of Leicester, talks about designing elearning in a short video.

To Read or Not to Read?
Do people still read books?

Instructional Design - If, When and How Much? - The Learning Circuits Blog
The Big Question - For a given project, how do you determine if, when and how much an instructional designer and instructional design is needed?

At Yahoo, a need to hit refresh - c/net
Note: this article came out before the big annoucement, however, it would make an excellent case study.

By many accounts, the Semel era transformed the company from a free-wheeling and innovative dot-com to a buttoned-down outfit where new products were subject to review by committee. Departments became responsible and rewarded for their own profits, much like many U.S. companies. At the time, the approach made sense and Yahoo saw dramatic financial improvements.

But those "big company" controls had a downside: they caused people to think about how to protect their own turf and put themselves--instead of the company--first, according to people familiar with Yahoo.

Wherefore art thou M-learning? - DONALD CLARK PLAN B
M-learning may as well mean missing-learning - it's is an elusive beast. The problem is that people don't really seem to understand what they want to do with these devices.

The Google Enigma - strategy+business
Is its approach to management and innovation a cause of its success or a product of its success? Google is starting to look less like a sower than a harvester, less like an inventor than an exploiter.

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