Evaluating Learning, Knowledge, Blackboard, & Ubiquitous Computing

The value of learning: a new model of value and evaluation - CIPD
A look at the role of learning and training in creating value in organisations and at how that role can be analysed, measured and evaluated. The paper is located here.

Radical contradictions drive the success of Toyota, which regards itself as being in the 'knowledge industry'. Westerners were good at explicit knowledge, while Asians tended to be masters of tacit knowledge that suggests that for new knowledge to be created we need to convert tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge, or to convert explicit knowledge to tacit.

Jury Supports Blackboard Patent - Stephen's Web
Is this a true win for the plaintiff, or a loss because they didn't get a recovery over the cost of bringing the case?

A Vision of Ubiquitous Computing - Partial Recall
What might a university look like with a fully deployed program of converged devices like the iPhone? Connected is one possible vision. Be sure to watch the video.

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I reviewed the CIPD paper for the UK training community Training Zone when it was published. The article is here:


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