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February 25, 2008

What's the Value of Learning? - Donald Taylor
This is not some relativistic world where training is fine as long as the manager says it's good (what David Wilson of Elearnity terms the 'conspiracy of convenience'). No, there are particular types of measure that are of value to stakeholders, and as long as the learning function can show its effect on these, and be seen to be operating effectively, then it is doing its job.

Note: Donald Taylor reviewed the CIPD paper that I posted on Feb 23 and left a comment, but since I forgot to turn the "approve comments" field off after a rash of spamming, his post was approved late, so in case you missed his it, be sure to read his review.

Long Tail Learning - Size and Shape - eLearning Technology

  • Long tail learning is effectively infinite
  • There is no way for an individual to keep up much less learning and development.
  • Trying to "keep up" and putting ourselves in the producer role is not going to work.
Needs analysis round-up (Part-1) - Sims Learning Connections
Sigh, 'training professionals' have often set themselves up to become training order-takers versus performance consultants - a situation that is difficult to break out of, once established.

The Wisdom of the Chaperones - Slate
Digg and Wikipedia would do well to stop pretending they're operated by the many and start thinking of ways to rein in the power of the few.

8+ Ways To Train Yourself To Be Creative - John's Blog
Whenever you want to do something but your mind tells you that you can't, write that thought down and then next to it write down 2 or 3 reasons why you can.

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