Telecommuting, eLearning, Training to Rise, & Training to Fall

Study: Telecommuting makes work worse for non-telecommuters - ars technica
Managing the amount of time coworkers telecommute, having face-to-face interaction, and giving job autonomy can all potentially improve in-office coworkers' job satisfaction and company relationship.

E-Learning Is Dead. Long Live E-Learning! - CLO
One of the biggest challenges for most of this e-learning has been the lack of educational courseware that was designed on the basis of sound instructional-design principles. Massive numbers of e-learning courses were produced with technology-based "templates" for the Internet.

Salary and Compensation Report from The eLearning Guild - Learning Design and Performance Improvement
The eLearning Guild has released the 2008 report on salary and compensation for the the industry. On the whole, The eLearning Guild does some excellent research, but my one gripe is that sometimes they drill down so much that the data is not very useful.

Supervisory, Leadership, Diversity Training to Rise in 2008 - CLO
Both spending and staff time will be boosted in 2008 for supervisory, leadership and diversity training, according to an annual survey of more than 2,500 senior HR executives by Novations Group, a global consulting organization based in Boston.

However. . .

Learning in a Recession? - The Massie Center
Investments in learning systems and infrastructure can already be seen as getting tougher. There are two companies that were ready to sign a contract for a new LMS in January 2008, yet were told to hold off or cancel the contract. It was seen as a difficult time to be spending when the future of the economy is uncertain. Another CLO was told to shrink her staff by 40% in the next three months, in order to be seen as "tightening" the budget.

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