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The Future of the Future: Boundary-less living, working and learning - KM World
Competing in a billion-mind economy means totally rethinking how you live, work and learn. That applies to you as an individual as well as to the organizations to which you belong. In the enterprise of the future, living, working and learning environments are converging in an unprecedented way.

Your 10 Most Popular Posts of 2007 - The Rapid eLearning Blog

  • What Steve Jobs Can Teach You About Designing E-Learning
  • Warning: Using the Wrong Images Can Confuse Your Learners
  • 5 Ways Web 2.0 Can Make You a Better E-Learning Designer
  • What Everybody Ought to Know About Using PowerPoint for E-Learning
  • Little Known Ways to Create Your Own Graphics Using PowerPoint
Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2007 - Create Your Communications Experience
This year's List of Top Communicators highlights the best (and worst) from business, politics, entertainment and sports.

Long Live Closed-Source Software! - Discovery Magazine
"Open wisdom-of-crowds software movements have become influential, but they haven't promoted the kind of radical creativity I love most in computer science. If anything, they've been hindrances." For a good response, see The innovation dilemma by 451 CAOS Theory.

Top 10 Posts of 2007 - Writers Gateway

  • E-learning Design Challenge Series - Designing a Game Based Course
  • Storyboard Templates in Instructional Designing
  • 8 Easy Steps to Create a Storyboard
  • Top 8 Reasons Why Captivate Rocks
  • Needs Analysis in Instructional Designing
Innovation Predictions 2008 - BusinessWeek
And the Big Idea for 2008? Stop competing against your competitors. Your traditional rivals aren't your biggest worry.

It's a Small World (with Big Training) - Training Magazine
These days, we're bombarded by articles that refer to China as the Awakening Dragon or the Next Frontier. The conventional wisdom is that China, with its vast population and resources, will become the mother lode of new customers and new products.

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