Cursive or Typing, Certification, Analysis, Rapid Development, Virtual, & Generations Gaps

Touch Typing - Cursive Writing - Why? - eLearning Technology
Tony Karrer has stirred quite a discussion on whether schools should teach cursive or typing.

Free Book PDF Now Available - Performance-based Employee Qualification/Certification Systems - The Pursuing Performance Blog
The methods and approach described in the book is based primarily on 2 large successful consulting engagements planned and led by the authors for projects done by their consulting firm.

Analysis - Instructional Design
The Business Outcome or Business Linkage is used to spell out how a learning initiative supports the organization's initiatives, strategies, or goals.

Creating your own e-learning content: Doing the knowledge - Personnel Today
Rapid development is definitely here but people need to learn how and when to use it. They should ask 'does it need to be delivered quickly?' and, if so, 'why?'. 'Is it because we didn't plan things well enough?'.

Generation Gaps
Do generational differences matter in instructional design? by Thomas Reeves by Thomas Reeves (via E-BCNZer).

Growing Up Online by PBS (via Here We Go Again-Part 2).

2008 Job Outlook - Inside Training
In the wake of the sub-prime mortgage debacle, and with increasing talk of a possible recession, you may wonder what's ahead for your company.

Halo 3 Meets Second Life - Baseline
The U.S. Army enlists new virtual world video game to teach soldiers interpersonal skills and cultural awareness for combat environments like Iraq and Afganistan.

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