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Online communication is not second best - Clive on Learning
We know online communication is practical, in that it allows us to keep in touch with each other at a distance, but we would normally consider it a second best to face-to-face communication

RSS Really Simple Stupid - e4innovation.com

  • Conceptual - where I understood the concept of RSS feeds but couldn't/didn't use them,
  • Applied - where I could use RSS feeds but it didn' t transform me/change my practice,
  • Transformative - where the use of RSS feeds has actually changed the way I do things.
Virtual Slide Rule - ENGCOM
See how calculations used to be done before the days of electronic calculators. Find out about an important piece of engineering history. All pieces of the slide rule are draggable.

Good News, Bad News about Facebook Application Market: Long Tail Rules - O'Reilly
The good news has already been widely disseminated: there are nearly 5000 Facebook applications, and the top applications have tens of millions of installs and millions of active users. The bad news, alas, is in our report: 87% of the usage goes to only 84 applications! If you are interested in Chris Anderson's the Long Tail, be sure to read the comments in the article.

Social Networking Meets Corporate Learning - CLO
Assume you could develop a learning program that attracts millions of learners, holds their attention for hours, impels them to contribute often and come back with their friends.

The Future of the Future Overcoming resistance to change - KM World
Think of the movie, The Karate Kid. Wax on, wax off; wax on, wax off. Complete transformation can only occur when the desired change in behavior becomes habitual, to the point where you no longer have to think about it.

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