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Your Learning Theory Explored - Elliott Masie
Stanton Wortham, a leading researcher from the Wharton/University of Penn program on Learning Leadership explores learning theories and our occasional contradictions.

Five Common Mistakes in Innovation - Business Week
If you work for Steve Jobs, innovation seems like second nature. If you don't, the only useful lesson seems to be to quit your job and go work for Apple. Rather, search inside yourself for moments of greatness, determine which activities spurred these moments of greatness, and then figure out how to do more of that.

How Long Should an E-learning Course Be? - eLearn Magazine
What is a good length for a module? Through countless hours of instructional design, field testing, and client feedback, I have found that 30 minutes is about the maximum, and less than 15 is too short.

Workplace Coach: Avoid the baby boom gap -- invest in new leaders today
Effective leadership today requires more than technical skills, expertise and solid work ethics. Collaboration (versus the old-school style of authoritative management) is essential for effective management of today's cross-functional operating groups and teams.

As Offshoring Gets Realistic, Can IT Workers Relax? - eWeek
"Globalization is an inevitable thing." While this article is directed at IT workers, it applies to just about all of us.

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