Behavior, Science, Knowledge, CEO Challenges, & Group Dynamics

Why do you do that? - Seattle PI
The survey found that past behavior wasn't the predictor of future behavior, but rather the commitment to the resolution is what drove change.

Explorers & Crusaders - The Daily Transcript
You can clearly divide scientists into two categories, those who build new models and those who prove old models. Usually the former are seeking the truth, while the latter are trying to confirm their own theories as if the idea was more important than reality.

Three Types of Knowledge Workers - Incredibly Dull There are essentially three types of knowledge workers: Knowledge Generators, Knowledge Consumers, & Knowledge Brokers.

Business Intelligence - Inside Training
CEOs top challenges include excellence of execution and finding talent.

Group Dynamics in Cyberspace - eNotAlone
Given the special psychological features of cyberspace, online groups can be quite different than in-person groups. Text-only communications, equalization of status, and the opportunity for altering or hiding one's identity are all unique monkey wrenches tossed into the online group process. Via TRDEV.

Is there really wisdom in crowds? - Cognitive Daily
A physicist says his students are constantly getting misinformation about physics from Wikipedia. While Wikipedia is fine for basic factual information you might find in a newspaper, when you get to the level of serious academic research, the information quality breaks down.

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