Data, Innovation, Creativity, Salaries, & Goals

KM: still a long road ahead - KM World
An inordinate amount of time, approximately a quarter of the normal working week, is being spent gathering, collating and massaging data versus analyzing it and acting on it; UK managers spend an average of 11 hours per week; U.S. managers spend an average of 12 hours per week.

Innovation Nation - Forbes
Innovation has become the new currency of global competition as one country after another races toward a new high ground where the capacity for innovation is viewed as a hallmark of national success (Book Excerpt).

Teaching a new generation - CNN
Former Young & Rubicam CEO Peter Georgescu talks about why schools need to incorporate creativity in their curriculum.

Exclusive Salary Survey: Payday - Training Magazine
Despite a see-sawing economy that could make even the most cast-iron stomach queasy, salaries for trainers remain rock-solid at $81,940 in 2007

Learning the abc's of channel management Accelerate
Companies need to focus on achieving three goals: aligning channel strategy with execution; managing operational and supplier/collaborator behavior transformation; and matching the right capabilities to achieve the desired benefit. From the Fall 2007 issue.

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