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Spiritual dimensions of informal learning - Mauro Cherubini's moleskine
Focus on the three primary learning strategies: mentoring, self-directed learning and dialogue. Explores how each of these strategies can facilitate spiritual development.

Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine - The Long Now Foundation
In retrospect I realize that in almost everything that we worked on together, we were both amateurs. In digital physics, neural networks, even parallel computing, we never really knew what we were doing. But the things that we studied were so new that no one else knew exactly what they were doing either. It was amateurs who made the progress.

Theory of Everything - Articlemotron
If we accept new data as accurate on its face, then we are unable to form a concept of the universe around us. New data would just replace old data. Let us use the analogy of a large jigsaw puzzle. By blindly accepting new data, we would never find a starting point. The jigsaw pieces could never relate to each other. Even though all the pieces would be on the card table, we would never be able to distinguish the edge pieces for the interior pieces.

Ultimate HTML Color HEX Code List - COLOURlovers
HTML 3.2 specifications identified sixteen colors that can be used by name to define color in HTML and CSS. But don't worry you can use more than sixteen colors in HTML. . . you'll just need to know the six character HEX values and they are all listed on one page.

A method to the iPhone madness? - c/net
The iPhone really could change the future of computing. It's quite possible that June 29, 2007, will one day be remembered as the day that the average consumer realized what mobile computing was all about. Or it could be marked as the day Apple overestimated its reach and watched its remarkable 10-year renaissance begin to wane.

Phone Launch, AT&T Vs. Apple Store - GIZMODO
A quite telling story about the difference in customer service between the two companies. Day one revealed what all Apple aficionados fear. That AT&T, through the depths of its incompetence, could derail the iPhone.

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