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Survey: Executive Coaching Sees Downturn - Chief Learning Officer
After years of increased use, executive coaching is seeing a downturn within corporations, according to a survey from Novations Group, a global consulting and training firm based in Boston.

More guidelines to improve your information literacy - Knowledge Jolt with Jack
We live in a sea of information, as Britannica's Web 2.0 Forum has made plain. Sometimes that sea is full of algal blooms. Sometimes there's raw sewage floating on it.

Internet Time Wiki - Internet Time Blog
What do you do when your best ideals are in the bottom of a reservoir? Blogs and feeds are a mighty flow of information. That flow feeds a reservoir that holds stocks of ideas worth keeping.

Flash Report: First Look at iPhone & Learning Perspectives - Eliott Masie
Elliott details the aspects of the iPhone that are high potential for learning (instructional videos, collaboration and more), some of the challenges (no current use of Flash Video) and a few trends in the mobile.

Google Maps Is Changing the Way We See the World - Wired
At first, the data all flowed one way, from the mapper to the user. But Paul Rademacher, a DreamWorks Animation programmer, changed that when he invented the map mashup. Today the power lies in the hands of the map makers. The only difference is that we're all mapmakers now, which means geography has entered the complex free-for-all of the information age, where ever-more-sophisticated technology is better able to reflect the world's rich, chaotic complexity.

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Donald H Taylor said...

It's worth pointing out that Elliott Masie is (rightly) careful to be technology agnostic in his video coverage of the iPhone.

The iPhone hype outside the US has been minimal - hence George Siemens and other cautioning that it's not necessarily going to transform e-learning. For more, see: http://learningtechnologiesconference.wordpress.com/2007/07/03/why-the-iphone-wont-transform-e-learning/

All the best,

Donald H Taylor
Learning Technologies Conference