eLearning, Social Sites, Web Design, & the Silent Revolution

E learning, web-based training, - whatever you call it, it's evolving - The Center for Workplace Excellence
What used to be just-in-case learning has become just in time, and in the future we can expect learning that is 'just-for-me.'

News the Crowd Can Use - Wired
The explosive growth of social editing or social news sites such as Digg.com, Newsvine.com and NewsTrust.net , has made a pressing issue of these debates about the virtues of an unedited public sphere and the control of information. That's because social editing web sites allow users to source, debate and prioritize content without intervention from an editorial staff.

Web Design-isms: 7 Surefire Styles that Work - Vitamin
Fashion is in one minute and out the next because we get bored of looking at the same things day after day. The same pattern will occur in web design. However, just as there are mainstays of good fashion, such as the little back dress, there are also mainstays of good web design.

Dramatic Impact: The Effect of "The Silent Revolution" - Change This
The world is not flat, nor is it round. It is indeed an interrelationship of sympathetic energy patterns. Our role is not to revolve, but to evolve, moving beyond the repetition of our previous motions, creating new visions to energize and missions to execute.

It's Time to Drop E-Learning - Training Zone
It's time to recognise that the 'e' carries the stigma of past hyperbole, puts some potential learners and managers off and smacks of a love of technology that has everything to do with content delivery, rather than individual learning.


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