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June 26, 2007

If Linux Is Not Innovative, What Is? - The Blade
How does one determine innovation in the first place?

The Rise of Rapid E-Learning - Training Zone
Mike Alcock, MD of Atlantic Link Ltd, argues that the landscape of e-learning has changed out of all recognition as a result of rapid e-learning authoring software. He also argues that with e-learning consultants beginning to use the tools themselves to aid collaboration with clients, the industry will look entirely different again in five years time.

When eLearning Doesn't Work - TechLinks
Creating a good, engaging course is a skill. And unfortunately not all companies have instructional designers and great graphics people within their organization. Most organizations just have a need to transfer knowledge to the employees on information critical to their company and job function.

How Ruby can enable the Web 2.0 Platform - What Not How
Broadly, the shift we are seeing is from the one-way, static document delivery of Web 1.0 towards the two-way, dynamic data exchange of Web 2.0. How do we program the Web platform to animate all this data?

How to Edit Your Photos Online - The Chris Pirillo Show
Fauxto only requires three things: and Internet connection, a web browser, and flash.

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