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The guru is dead, long live the network - Inside Knowledge
There are networks out there that are extremely influential, that do not have a single thought leader behind them.

Performance support tool - Allison Rossett & Lisa Schafer
A free web based performance support tool to help you determine if performance support is right for your project. We present statements about your audience, purpose and context. From Rossett & Schafer's new book, "Job Aids and Performance Support: Moving From Knowledge in the Classroom to Knowledge Everywhere."

Flip charts as visual enhancers - Presentation Zen
I really like the idea of "getting off the grid," stepping away from the computer and "going analog" in the preparation stage of the presentation process. Large sheets of paper and marking pens - as "old school" as they may seem - can be wonderful, simple tools for presenting your ideas or recording the ideas of others.

Quote of the week "Innovation takes place, when many normal people get access to the required tools and resources." From Neurocode

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