Collecting Knowledge and Learning - 4/04/2007

Management Tools 2007: An Executive's Guide - Bain & Company
Executives must be more knowledgeable than ever as they sort through the options and select the right management tools for their companies. The selection process itself can be as complicated as the business issues they need to solve. They must choose the tools that will best help them make business decisions that lead to enhanced processes, products and services - and result in superior performance and profits. PDF file. Via mopsos.

More and less: Designing for high-stakes decisions - Putting people first
There are two types of decision-makers - maximizers and satisficers - and how one of the two types are generally happier. He also illustrates how human beings are not wired to make rational decisions. Full article.

New Tricks and Old Dogs - CNBC
Roger Schank's discusses innovation and "We Don't Know What We Need," thus we need to observe them, rather than just ask them. Look at the word and ask yourself, "What is odd here? What needs fixing." (video)

Bite the Bullet: Improving Your Presentation Strategies - CIO
Implementing a few sound strategies can make your presentation process more predictable and painless, keep the audience's attention and help ensure approval for project goals.

Knowledge Management (KM) and Social Computing - are they the same? - Dissident
KM has spawned an entire industry - from academic dissertations on human cognition (how the brain thinks), to software vendors offering hierarchical and work flow-driven architectures as a panacea for everyone's knowledge and information needs. If things weren't complicated enough, we now have a relatively new term to confuse all but the army of consultants who thrive on giving complicated labels to simple behaviours - 'Social Computing'.

The Luxury Touch - strategy+business
Superb service is the indispensable ingredient of successful high-end brands. Follow four principles to deliver customer satisfaction year after year.

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