Collecting Knowledge and Learning - 4/09/2007

A Methodology for Complex Problems
The great challenge we have in any open, self-managed process is that the more informed you are about a subject, the more likely you are to have already formed conclusions about approaches and even answers to the problems it presents. This is human nature -- we form opinions quickly and change them slowly and reluctantly, as Lakoff's theory of frames and worldviews has demonstrated.

Research points the finger at PowerPoint - Sydney Morning Herald University of NSW research shows the human brain processes and retains more information if it is digested in either its verbal or written form, but not both at the same time.

The internet at work - distraction or destruction? - New Scientist
A new analysis suggests that much of what might be called "wasting time on the internet" is not such a bad thing. And that it should even be accepted as a normal part of working.

Jim Walton Has Us All Going on Raising Adult IQ! - Brain Based Business
You can increase your IQ score daily at work - regardless of your age or developmental level at the time. That's because IQ. . . or mental capability. . . is not fixed as we once thought it was.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Link Donald, and for the chance to read other posts that really tweaked my interest. I did not know the PP research you included -- but it makes sense. Great find!