Knowledge and Learning In The News - 12/26/2006

A tale of two experts on m-Learning - The People's Guide to mLearning
I want to raise a flag here in regards to self-directed learning. We can't yet guarantee that we have such learners (to the contrary). So just providing access is not sufficient, we need to push support. I think we can do one more thing, and we should: help individuals learn to learn. Hence my involvement in the Meta-Learning Lab. That can be accomplished through a layer on top of our learning systems. Imagine, a learning system that not only meets your immediate needs, but develops you over time!

Welcome to 2007, the Year of Innovation - Seattle PI
The challenge is not that the U.S. is slipping in maintaining an innovation culture, but that the rest of the world is catching on and catching up. The competition is intensifying for ideas and talent. Innovation efficiency is a game of diminishing and finite returns. You can never do better than no cost, even if you were able to get materials and labor for free. In real-world terms, you cannot, no matter how energetically one slashes costs, cut them to the point of China, or after that Africa, or after that whatever the next low-cost emerging economy is. The alternative is, to borrow a fashionable term, top-line growth. That's where innovation -- coming up not just with more efficient ways to make products but new products -- can contribute.

Cycling to knowledge - Knowledge-at-work.
Enumerative description is an interesting way to capture local perceptions and experience of situations. Expert(s) gather to look for invariance across their domain and select the questions that best define the current situation.

E&P top 10's missing number 1 - Innovation in College Media
Those interested in journalism will want to read the Editor & Publisher story on the top newspaper stories of 2006: Strupp's Top 10 Newspaper Industry Stories of 2006. In it, Strupp tags "The Internet coming of age" as the top newspaper industry story -- yet, that is old news.

America's New Digital Divide - Micro Persuasion
In 2007 our challenge is to bridge the digital divide that exists between the technophiles and the technophobes. It's staring us right in the face wherever we go. Consider how many of your friends blog or post to Flickr or even know what the heck del.icio.us is.

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