Knowledge and Learning In The News - 12/9/2006

Alvin Toffler: The Thought Leader Interview - Strategy + Business
Mr. Toffler wrote that the years to come would be marked by information overload, an acceleration of technological change, and a resultant social upheaval that he likened to mental illness: "Citizens of the world's richest and most technologically advanced nations will find it increasingly painful to keep up with the incessant demand for change that characterizes our time. For them, the future will have arrived too soon."

The Most Promising Web 2.0 Software of 2006 - SOA Web Services
New Web 2.0 software that was released or extensively overhauled since January 1st, 2006. For more on Web 2.0, see What is Web 2.0 ?

From Counterculture to Cyberculture - Internet Time blog
The Well was an amazing place to toy with ideas. The community included reporters, writers, journalists, inventors, astronauts, deadheads, scientists, rabble rowsers, radicals, hackers, and more. I remember staying up into the wee hours reading Howard Rheingold, Kevin Kelly (from Biosphere II!), futurist Tom Mandel, John Perry Barlow, Mitch Kapor, Christopher Locke, and many, many others. Flamewars were commonplace. Dialog was continuous.

In Mobile Denial - Training Day
I keep hearing about the "mobile workforce," and keep seeing people picking out tomatoes in the grocery store with one hand while changing the dial (or whatever it is) on their iPods with the other. I've also heard "texting" people is big.

Media 2006: The Year in Traffic - eWeek
From video sites to social networking to social news, 2006 saw several power shifts in online traffic and influence. Netscape relaunched as a social news site, YouTube dominated the online video space, and Flickr continued to innovate.

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