knowledge and Learning In The News - 12/13/2006

December 13, 2006

Assessment Mistakes by E-Learning Developers - Stephen's Web
Stephen Downes weighs in on Will Thalheimer's Assessment Mistakes by E-Learning Developers.

Knowing Knowledge - How to Save the World
George Siemens' online book Knowing Knowledge is fun to read: It's laid out like a Tom Peters book -- full of graphics and different type fonts, and some wonderful quotations1. It has a kind of stream-of-consciousness style that's a bit McLuhanesque.

New Cool Tool Rundown - e-Clippings (Learning As Art)
Including podcasting, 3D building and data comparison.

Widening Performance Gap in the Back Offices of Large Global Corporations - Garp
Achieving world-class performance in four core operational areas - information technology (IT), finance, human resources (HR) and procurement - companies can reduce annual SG&A costs by $60 million per billion in revenue. To achieve these gains, world-class performers demonstrate strength in five best practices categories: strategic alignment of business goals and operating procedures; complexity reduction; technology enablement; business processing sourcing; and cross-functional partnering.

Measuring the Value of HR - HR Magazine
In 2001, American Standard's Fred Poses (CEO) and Larry Costello (Senior VP for HR) were seeking substantive evidence on the actual impact of the company's major strategic initiative for managing its talent.

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