Knowledge and Learning In The News - 1/25/2006

China and India: The race to growth - McKinsey Quarterly
India began its economic transformation almost a decade after China did but has recently grabbed just as much attention, prompted largely by the number of jobs transferred to it from the West.

'Stanford On ITunes' Is For Everybody - Forbes
In an unprecedented move, Stanford University is collaborating with Apple Computer to allow public access a wide range of lectures, speeches, debates and other university content through iTunes. No need to pay the $31,200 tuition. No need to live on campus.

Blogs as Personal Knowledge Management (podcast) - Bill Ives
A focus on personal productivity on how blogs can be used as personal productivity tools.

In The Mind's Eye: How The Brain Makes A Whole Out Of Parts - Science Daily
When a human looks at a number, letter or other shape, neurons in various areas of the brain's visual center respond to different components of that shape, almost instantaneously fitting them together like a puzzle to create an image that the individual then "sees" and understands, researchers at The Johns Hopkins University report.

What is the business of business? - McKinsey Quarterly
The relationship between big business and society can be viewed as an implicit social contract, with obligations, opportunities, and mutual advantages.

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