Knowledge and Learning In The News - 1/15/2006

Interactive learning fails reading test - Sydney Morning Herald INTERACTIVE computers used in British schools to teach children to read are harming their learning, research shows. The Unconference - The Gurteen Knowledge Website For the last few years I have been running knowledge cafes and conferences that were inspired by my frustration with traditional conference and speaking formats. Too often traditional conferences are "chalk and talk" and "death by powerpoint" and I wanted to get away from this format and create meetings that were a lot more interactive, participative, and conversational - where the participants (note I have never called them delegates) got to engage with the subject matter. 2006 Technology of the Year Awards - Info World What will be the most meaningful developments in 2006? What were the best products of 2005? Live From China - PBS Marketplace broadcasts live from China, presenting a range of special reports on Marketplace, the Marketplace Morning Report, and Marketplace Money. Kai Ryssdal hosts all three programs. Steve Jobs at Macworld: Reality Distortion Field in Full Effect - Fast Company So how is it that Apple gets its customers (and the media) to pay such rapt attention to new product announcements? Over a quarter-century, Jobs has cultivated a Willie Wonka-esque reputation for consistently delivering cool stuff, in a showy, dramatic way.

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