Knowledge and Learning In The News - 1/16/2006

A Model for Global Knowledge Management within the Enterprise - Colabria "...knowledge resides primarily in the heads of individuals, and in the social interactions of these individuals. It cannot be consider as an object such as data are in digital information systems." Tag: 13 Ways to Manage Informal Learning - Kineo Trainers may be failing in their role as learning professionals by ignoring informal learning as they are potentially ignoring 80% of the learning in their organisation. PDF file located here. Tag: DeVry blazing trails in knowledge economy - Chicago Sun-Times Can you break into knowledge economy job opportunities without going to Harvard Business School? Daniel Hamburger is a 1990 Harvard MBA who wants to assure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge economy. Tag: Not Invented Here - Albert Ip Argubly, NIH may as well explain why people cannot agree on a common understanding of "learning object" - everyone wants to put a spin on it. Podcast: "One way" only approach to learnng design... - George Siemens A 6 1/2 minute podcast on personal frustrations with designers/developers who have an approach to learning...and try and use it for every situation. The requirement and environment of a learning need should define the approach... Tag: Colour my work world, employees say - Workopolis The best way to boost creativity and productivity might be to pick up a paint brush and turn up the lights, two new surveys suggest. More on creativity. Tag:

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