Knowledge and Learning In The News - 1/2/2006

Sticks and Stones and Snap Judgements - Smelly Knowledge Some issues, ideas, concepts, thoughts are complex and necessitate deep and thorough thinking. Tag: The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years - PC World We're living in the golden age of the gadget. Don't believe it? Check your pockets. Odds are you're carrying a portable music player, an electronic organizer, a keychain-size storage device, a digital camera, or a cell phone that combines some or all of these functions. And you'd probably be hard-pressed to live without them. Tag: As knowledge explodes, so does mental overload: New technologies adding to stress - Associated Press Will all this instantly accessible information make us much smarter, or simply more stressed? When can we break to think, absorb and ponder all this data? Tag: Let Wikipedia be Wikipedia and The Probabilistic Age The debate on wikipedia. Tag: From the past: Personality Plus - Malcolm Gladwell Where did the Myers-Briggs come from, after all? Tag:

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