Knowledge and Learning In The News - 12/26/2005

Horizontal Knowledge - Tech Central Station Just try this thought experiment: Imagine that it's 1993. The Web is just appearing. And imagine that you - an unusually prescient type - were to explain to people what they could expect in the summer of 2003. Universal access to practically all information. From all over the place - even in bars. And all for free! Tag: Thinking Outside the Grid - Molly E. Holzschlag Grid-based design can be extraordinarily useful in creating sites that are predictable, easily navigated, and visually appealing. Grids are really good at helping designers to plan where things go, and easy for site visitors to use. On the other hand, compelling visual work can result from breaking out of the rigid system that the Web's design and development environment has, to date, retained. Tags: Why being busy has become a status symbol - Management Issues A century ago, the idea of paid work was anathema to the leisured Victorian gentleman, whose social status was demonstrated by how much time he could spend on unpaid leisure pursuits. What a contrast with today, when working long hours has become a status symbol for busy professionals and social position seems to be determined by how much we do, not how little. Training is NOT Snakeoil - Learning Circuits Laurie Bassi's research shows that organizations that make large investments in training do much better than others. Tag:

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