Knowledge and Learning In The News - 12/24/2005

An Introduction to Connective Knowledge - Stephen Downes You probably grew up learning that there are two major types of knowledge: qualitative and quantitative. Tag: Market, market, on the wall - Economist If prediction markets are so good at making forecasts, why not use them to identify emerging technologies? Tag: Students can get lectures by podcast - Inside Bay Area Starting this school year, some California college students have been able to carry around course lectures and materials stored in their portable MP3 players. It is a move that is raising concerns about possible empty lecture halls and an impersonal education that is not worth the high price. But busy students find the technology appealing. Tag: Task-Switching, Emotional Motivation, and Reward - Eide Neurolearning Blog Task-switching is a common cognitive task associated with attention and cognitive control. In this very interesting study, researchers examined what brain areas were associated with good task switching ability. Surprisingly, the most highly correlated area for efficient task switching was the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, a region implicated in emotional and social motivation and reward. Tag: Elliot Masie's Learning 2005 - Epic show report At one point Elliot Masie sped into the hotel bar on his Segway and made straight for our table. He looked down on us, we looked up at him, he asked for one of our nachos, ate it, then seeing that we weren’t playing disciple, rotated 180 degrees and sped off. Weird or what?

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