Knowledge and Learning In The News - 12/18/2005

Learning Objects as Activities - Harold's Blog An example of the power of the Internet, blogs and asynchronous communication in the development of ideas. Wikipedia, Vol. 2: Encyclopedia Smackdown - Fast Company Much like a Wikipedia entry, our discussion of the online encyclopedia is nothing if not dynamic. In fact, it's already time for an update. As FC Now reader Shel Holtz points out, the science journal Nature posted an article yesterday about a study comparing Wikipedia to Encyclopedia Britannica. And the winner is...(drum roll, please)...neither. Tag: World is Flat - Streaming Video - Harold's Blog I just listened to Thomas Friedman's presentation at MIT which is available online as a streaming video. It's over an hour long and covers the first three chapters of his book, The World is Flat. Self-Organized Learning and Slashdot - HeadsPace Slashdot content is complex and ill-structured (just like life), which requires participants to engage in higher-order thinking and in case–based, problem–based learning that is so essential for transfer of learning to new contexts. PLATO Learning, Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2005 Results - New Release PLATO Learning, Inc. (NASDAQ:TUTR), a leading provider of K-adult computer-based and e-learning solutions, today announced revenues for its fourth quarter ended October 31, 2005, totaling $33.7 million. This is an $8.7 million or a 21% decrease from the $42.4 million reported for the comparable period of fiscal 2004.

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