Knowledge and Learning In The News - 7/16/2005

Learning Space Designing a learning space, creating a learning space, and future of the learning space. Learning Objects and Motivation Theories Learning objects, when incorporated into an online course in an outcome-focused and learner-centered manner, can enhance learner motivation. Time Wasting or Wanting? AOL/Salary.com report about the amount of time workers "waste" at work and the "cost" to the company. Partnership for 21st Century Skills I was re-reading Learning for the 21st Century the other day as background material on a forthcoming undergraduate teacher preparation project. I was struck by how well the report navigates the political waters of educational reform, so decided to use this Viewpoint to bring this report to the attention of those who have not yet read it. It deserves widespread attention, particularly among those of us engaged in improving undergraduate teacher preparation programs.

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