Knowledge and Learning In The News - 7/04/2005

Instructional Designers: Being Everything to Everyone You can't be everything to everyone, and yet instructional designers are forced to be just that. Clutching our knowledge assets Human knowledge is not the aggregation of discrete, objective information, but a result of emergent processes of knowing through human subjective interpretations, or sense-making, dependent on complex historical contexts. Are the Basics of Instructional Design Changing? An interesting turn of discussion on ITForum. What are the SME's needs related to e-learning? Most of the learning in an SME is informal, i.e. it often takes place on the job, through a "sharing of knowledge" rather than in a "training". When confronted with a need, the SME worker will usually contact his network of reference people whom he trusts. The PDA market is not dead! (podcast) Media is getting much more compact and portable in today's world. iPods and PSPs are taking over the world.

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