Knowledge and Learning In The News - 7/07/2005

Challenging The Primacy Of Lectures: The Dissonance Between Theory And Practice In University Teaching (via Stephen's Web) Current practice in universities foregrounds the traditional lecture, tutorial, examination approach to teaching. It's Who You Know Social Network Analysis is a set of survey methods and statistics that reveals the hidden connections between people. Are the Basics of Instructional Design Changing? Sometimes, just asking a question is indicative of a significant change in climate. A Framework for the "Entrepreneurial" Learner of the 21 st Century Successful distance learners and entrepreneurs may be similar in that they seek out and capitalize on opportunities and marshal resources to achieve their goals. Yahoo's Search Reinvention Yahoo is tapping into its community of users (80.5 million people visited Yahoo in May, according to NetRatings) by allowing users to designate sites as share-worthy and to search what others in their Yahoo-based communities.

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