Knowledge and Learning In The News - 06/25/2005

iPods for Learning Do iPods have any any value in a corporate training setting? A Conversation with Alva Noe (audio) Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with Dr. Alva Noe, professor of philosophy at UC, Berkeley and the author of "Action in Perception." They talk about the nature of perception, and how philosophy is quickly meshing with cognitive science. Social bookmarking in the enterprise The idea to take the concept of social bookmarking and turn it into more than just a bookmark saving service, such as a way to clip and save articles and provide a way for users to save articles and publish them on portlets within the corporate portal. VidBlogging & Blogcasting David Weinberger, the Cluetrain guy is posting video interviews with the blogerati of the Supernnova 2005 conference. It is being referred to as "blogcasting."

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