Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/13/2005

Is Social Networking Broken? Super-hyped social networking is exploding, with new ways to link up to others being added daily. Make ebooks for your iPod guide There's a somewhat little know and often-unused function of iPod called "Notes" which can actually be quite handy for storing and reading text, creating a locked "kiosk mode", quizzes, games as well a full-length ebooks. Learning to enjoy e-learning We used to talk about being either on campus, or you are traditional distance, or you might be one of those few people who is just working online. That is all converging now. A Success Story That's Hard to Duplicate Upward mobility requires what sociologists describe as the twin pillars of success: human capital and social capital. Human capital is a person's education, job credentials and employability. Social capital usually means emotional support and encouragement from a reliable stakeholder in one's life.

How to Disappear Completely

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