Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/20/2005

Why RSS and Folksonomies Are Becoming So Big An RSS feed is a blog distilled to its core essence. If you look at the output of an RSS feed in a reader, you'll see no comments, no trackbacks and (for the most part) no design. It's the better blog. It's pure data. Deep, Dark Secrets of His and Her Brains Sandra Witelson had studied scores of brains looking for gender differences. Then she found one that made a difference: Einstein's. Google vs. Yahoo: Clash of cultures Google is all about individuals fulfilling or exceeding their potential, and employees are given significant license to foster this, while Yahoo has morphed into a more mature company with tough management discipline. Myths About the Brain: 10 percent and Counting Examining the issues and getting to the truth behind the myth.

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