Knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/11/2005

Ivy League E-Learning How eCornell helps Cornell University translate and enrich the classroom experience for purposes of online executive and professional education. How Humble BBS Begat Wired World Before America Online, Friendster, forums and blogs, geeks communicated with one another in a clunky and pedestrian way that was the precursor to all subsequent forms of online communication. Capturing Knowledge A crisis is brewing as more companies face a knowledge drain from the number of baby boomers planning to retire soon. ASTD Study: Learning Programs Have High Yield Companies that invest in employee learning have higher productivity, revenue growth, and profit growth than companies that do not. Oh Yes, It's Devo: An Interview with Jerry Casale The band Devo is definitely worthy of the term "enigma". To most, they are the 1980s band that produced the hit "Whip It".

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