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Twitter Hype? Or Social Media Ignorance? Harvard Business School Blows It - NussbaumOnDesign

Why the latest report about Twitter's decline is wrong. The ratio of number of active to passive users on the very first "web 2.0" application, discussion groups, had about the same ratio.

"Sorry, HBS, but anyone following social media has known about this ratio of active to passive participants for YEARS. I remember talking about this with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales at the World Economic Forum in Davos three years ago. He said that 1% of Wikipedia participants did 90% of the posting and editing, another 9-10% were somewhat active and the rest just used the encyclopedia without changing it."

The Power Of Mind Mapping - Forbes

Why use mind maps?

  • We brainstorm, interview someone, or review a transcript and want to add a note to another part of the outline. We page up or down, find the right spot, and then add the note. It doesn't take long for paging up and down to become frustrating and exhausting, like running up and down flights of stairs to do your work.
  • Traditional outlines are linear. If the information is stored in an outline and notes, you have a feeling of dread because you know you are going to have to slog through pages of material to refresh the context and recapture your thoughts.
  • When working with others on a wiki or even a shared document on Google Apps, it can be hard to collaborate.

Comment on Some ASTD Comments (or, My God, You let these people train others?) - Robert Bacal in The Happy Curmudgeon

"We have a professional trainer attending a professional conference, who is so put off that a presenter DARE use an overhead projector that she feels compelled to make it the first point in here commentary. There's no talk about learning, which after all is the point. This is about being so superficial in attitude and knowledge that one believes that if the newest, more complex technology isn't used, that somehow, it simply isn't worth listening to."

Feng Shui On Steroids: Design Your Space to Achieve Your Goals - zenhabits

Is your space designed to help you do great Instructional Design?

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