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Despite Army Order, Some Bases Still Ban Facebook, Twitter - Wired

"At Fort Huachuca both are accessible, however there are a large number of people making noises about it being inappropriate," an e-mail from Arizona reads. "The two things they all have in common are (1) they are older and don't understand web 2.0 and (2) they have never deployed. A lot of DACs [Department of Army civlians] trying to tell us what Soldiers need.

#Lrnchat on Twitter

While the weekly sessions of chats always seem to be at the wrong time for me, I always find them interesting. This is why Twitter makes a great SoMe (Social Media). Transcripts of chats

Brain Knows It's Duck Reason - Scientific American

The brain is faster than the eyes.

"When an Iraqi reporter threw his shoe at President Bush, University of Washington neurologists were delighted. But not because of politics. The fling was just real-world evidence of a theory they were testing. As the shoe flew, Bush ducked while Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, who was standing right beside him, barely flinched. The reason, the researchers say, is that we have a dual vision system. Our brains "see" things well before our eyes do."

Product Sales Training: Overcoming Death by PowerPoint - CLO

The challenges we found boil down to:

  • Information overload: The need for reps to know a large amount of changing product information.
  • Sales effectiveness: The need for reps to sell effectively and consultatively in increasingly complex and competitive markets.
  • Time crunch: The need to meet the two above challenges in shorter amounts of time.

The solutions include:

  • Case-based learning: Create a systematic set of c-based learning experiences that integrate selling skills and product knowledge.
  • Point-of-need information: Provide up-to-date product knowledge at at the point of need, during or before a sales interaction.
  • Knowledge sharing: Provide methods for sharing knowledge and best practices among sales reps.

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